Who Are Hackers? Why Do They Hack? What Are Their Benefits?

Who Are Hackers Why Do They Hack What Are Their Benefits

Nowadays, hacking is one of the threats that is increasing continuously. People, not computers, create many computer threats! Criminals hack your personal information. They hack data due to many reasons. Some of them aim to make your life miserable. There are many reasons behind this threat. Some of them are:

  • Basic bragging rights
  • Curiosity
  • Some type of revenge
  • Theft for financial benefits
  • Challenges and blackmailing
  • Extortion and many more!

Some of them aim to steal your identity. They use this data to transfer illegal money or take a loan from a bank. This type of danger is increased due to the popularity of the internet and mobile banking. This era of smartphones has also increased the risk of hacking. If you are unfamiliar with the reasons why criminals hack information? And tasks, keep reading this post. This article is designed to be aware of who hackers are and why they hack. We also discuss the benefits of hacking. So, let’s get started to discuss the topic in a detailed manner.

If you want to know who are hackers? Then keep reading the following section.

Who Are Hackers?

Many of you are overwhelmed with the question: who are hackers? This section clears your mind about the question mentioned above.

They are the individuals who get unauthorized access to another system with the use of a computer system. In other words, we say that they make another system unavailable. They use computer devices to control technical problems. The gang is well skilled in performing their particular tasks, such as:

  • They get popular by bringing down the computer system
  • Stealing money etc.

Before we discuss why they hack, it is essential to understand the basics of hacking, such as what hacking is, its type, etc. If you still think who are hackers so Hackers may have their gang or maybe a single person could be a hacker too.

What is Hacking?

Hacking is an activity that uses different tools to gain access to personal or business data, not always for malicious purposes. You can understand it better with the following example. Computer hackers use the password cracking algorithm. They gain access to the computer system with this approach. Computers play a crucial role in running successful businesses.

Moreover, an extensive network system is used to facilitate communication with external businesses. So, hacking means using a computer to do fraudulent actions such as stealing personal information, etc.! For the growth of the business, it is essential to protect yourself and the whole organization from such attacks.

1 the benefits of hacking

What Are The Different Types of Hackers?

After getting clear about who are hackers? Knowing the different types of hacker groups that commit illegal activities is crucial. In the following section, we elaborate on what each kind of hacker does and how they are dangerous for your business.

1. Black Hat

Another name is a cracker. It is the type that you hear on the news. Their main motive is financial gain. The purpose of this group is to steal your bank details or personal information. They steal confidential data. After completing their task, they sell this information on the black market to gain fame. They lie at the top of the risk list of businesses. Once they become successful, the results could harm your business and customers badly.

2. White Hat(Ethical hacker)

They are security hackers. Ethical hackers gain access to the system to fix the recognized weaknesses. They perform the following tasks:

  • Penetration testing
  • Vulnerability assessment

Their main intention is to assist businesses in the outgoing battle of cyber threats. These hackers find holes in security networks. The EC council specifically qualifies them. In simple words, a white hat hacker is the same as us, whose purpose is to save businesses.

3. Gray Hat

These types of criminals lie in the middle of white and black hat hackers. Their motive is personal enjoyment. They are well-skilled, the same as white and black hat spammers. But they don’t threaten or protect your business. They aim to face different types of challenges. They do hacking just for fun. The people in this group have no intention to harm your business.

4. Script Kiddies

These criminals use the readymade tool to steal information and gain access to computer systems.

5. Blue Hat

They are aggressive and aim to take revenge. They use malware and existing codes to target the business. The spammers also modify these codes according to their demands. Your customer, supplier, or employer could lie in blue hat hacking.

6. Green Hat

They are also called baby hackers. Their motive is to learn all about hacking. Green hat spammers are new in the world of crimes. They don’t threaten your business as other ones. They want to learn all the skills of hacking.

7. Red Hat

The motive of the red hack hacker is vigilante justice. They are the same as the white hat criminals that try to stop the black hat attacks. Most of the time, you are unfamiliar with them.

2 What Are The Different Types of Hackers

8. Hacktivist

These spammers send social and religious messages with the help of hacking. They used a hijacking website for this purpose. After hacking, spammers also leave a message on the hijacked website.

9. Phreaker

They don’t use computers. Instead of a computer system, they identified the weakness in telephones.

After discussing who hackers are and their types, it’s time to elaborate on the various reasons why they hack.

Why do Hackers Hack?

One of the questions is, why do hackers hack? What’s the purpose behind this activity? Are they hacking just for the sake of money? Or ego? Well! There are many reasons that they hack websites. Many years ago, they hacked the website to show people they could break the system. But these days, the answer is more complicated! Let’s start to discuss why this group is motivated to do hacking.

1. To Leak Information

We are confident that you already know this reason well. In order to steal information, they hack. This information may be about your clients, customers, and employees. They also hack the personal data related to your business. They basically hack the data to complete their most prominent target. They may hack your pictures and misuse them. The purpose of this group is to use your personal information for illegal activities such as transferring money and taking loans. With the increased use of smartphones, hacking is also enhanced. Many businesses become victims of hacking! It is essential to take steps in order to protect their data from hacking.

2. Make a point

This type of hacking is very interesting. They don’t hack for money and data. This group steals information to make a point. They face different challenges and fulfill them with their skills.

3. To Get Money

The gang of this category hacked the websites of successful businesses and demanded a considerable amount of money. They gain money for different types of tricks such as:

  • Hacking websites and demanding a handsome amount
  • They also try hacking the regular user account to steal information about online banking and transactions etc

Business holders get the access back after paying the ransom that the spammer demanded! It is one of the severe reasons for hacking.

4. Disrupt Services

Spammers do this for their personal motives. They are skilled at taking things down. Many of the services were taken down by them successfully. For this purpose, they create bots. These bots overwhelmed the server with significant traffic. All of these conditions lead to a crash. For a while, they put the company’s website out of service. It is also called DoS. They use multiple infected systems to bring down the central system. It is one of the dangerous reasons that motivate them to do hacking.

3 Why do Hackers Hack

5. For Different Types of Purpose

Some people do hacking for hacktivism, idealism, etc. At the same time, they hacked for political motives, in which the government is the most specific target. Some of them do hacking to take revenge for their insult. These people may be your employees and customers etc.

6. Vulnerability Scanning

It is the name of a technique used to recognize the security weakness in the system. People gain unauthorized access by infiltrating the security method.

7. Blackmailing Victims

Criminals blackmail you by stealing your personal or business-related information. They are used unique malware to get your personal information, such as:

  • Ransomware
  • Spyware

They hack the secrets and blackmail the government agency into revealing the secrets. They used this information illegally.

8. Selling Malware

Some hackers have a piece of excellent knowledge about programming. They write code for different malware such as:

  •  Worms
  • Trojans
  • Viruses
  • Rootkits
  • Scareware etc

Most of the time, they sell this malware to other criminals.

9. Taking Personal Revenge

Some people hacked the company website to take personal revenge. They use different ways like:

  • Encrypting their data
  • Published the confidential data
  • Sending them phishing emails
  • Hacking their social media platform
  • Hacking their email accounts

10. Only For The Purpose of Personal Enjoyment

The intention of some people behind hacking is to create chaos. They hack the personal data of the company only for the purpose of enjoyment. Most of the time, this activity is the addiction of spammers. They feel proud after completing their tasks of hacking!

Benefits of Hacking

Hopefully, now you have enough knowledge about who are hackers. The question is, what is the benefit of hacking? What do spammers get after hacking? The answer to all of these queries is given below.

They get the following benefits by hacking your account or the whole system.

  • With their skills, they can hijack your username and password. After the hijacking, they used it for many illegal deals and purposes
  • They open bank accounts with your name and steal money
  • Criminals ruin your credit card after hacking just for the purpose of fun
  • Request a new account personal identification number. Also, with new credit cards, they make illicit purchases
  • People, after hacking, use your social security number to fulfill various needs
  • They sell your data to the other person and earn money after selling
  • They get access to your computer system, steal confidential data and start blackmailing you
  • Most of the time, criminals hack your account to get revenge


Who are hackers

How to Prevent Yourself from Hacking?

Everyone wants to protect themselves from hacking! But How? Follow these security tips to prevent hacking.

  • It is better to use a 2-way firewall
  • Criminals hack your system. You can avoid this condition by updating your operating system regular
  • Browser security settings matter a lot! Increase it to lessen the chances of hacking
  • Please don’t waste time on questionable websites and avoid it
  • Use the trustable sites for downloading software. Carefully get all knowledge about the free software and applications
  • Don’t open emails received from unknown senders
  • Delete the spam messages as soon as possible
  • Install the best security software products on your PC
  • Use antivirus software
  • Protect Yourself While Online
  • Use cautions when posting on the web pages
  • Keep away your personal information from online conversation
  • Carefully accept the request of an unknown person

The Bottom Line

The sole aim of this blog post is to discuss some points, such as who are hackers? Why do they hack etc.? We tried to demonstrate the essential matters you should be aware of! Did you know that an unprotected computer is like an open door for criminals? They easily access your computer in that situation. It is vital to use spam filters to avoid hacking. Many safety products protect your PC from malware, such as:

  • Webroot antivirus
  • Webroot Internet security complete

However, not all of them have bad intentions.

The most common method of hacking include:

  • Phishing
  • UI redress
  • DoS/DDoS
  • DNS spoofing

Protectively testing the security of your websites, mobile apps, and networking using automated security testing tools reduces the risk of hacking. If you are still confused about your query, who are hackers, and the reasons for hacking, then comment below! We will try to clear your confusion as soon as possible.

After reading this article if you still think who are hackers, it’s very easy. Hackers are just like us. They are human too. But the difference is we people don’t know anything about this and they know everything about this. Hackers always keep their identities private from people. Sometimes they don’t even let their family members know, they hack people. So don’t think about who are hackers.

Just try to stay away from hackers and know how to keep saving yourself from hackers. Another question maybe comes to your mind is whether a hacker is a man or a woman. The answer is they could be a man or woman too. So who are hackers is a good question but try to keep your family members safe from them?

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