The dark web Hackers – How to hire them from the darknet

dark web Hackers

The dark web Hackers – How to hire them from the darknet

It’s no secret that the dark web is a hotbed for criminal activity. And while most of us are familiar with the basics (drugs, guns, etc.), few know how to hire hackers from the darknet. In this guide, we will walk you through the process step-by-step. So whether you’re looking to hack someone’s Facebook account or want to take down your competition, we’ve got you covered!

DarkNet and Hackers:

The darknet is actually a term for the portion of the internet that is not indexed by search engines such as Google. It means you cannot access it without knowing its exact address or without using special software, such as the Tor browser.

What makes the dark web different from the surface web (web we all know) is not so much security and access – both can be easily achieved with modern technology – but rather content and user base: on the surface web, you will find anything you want – social networks, online shops, forums, and communities… On the dark web, however, you will mostly find illegal services – drugs marketplaces, hackers for hire …and other similar things.

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Is It Possible to Hire a Hacker on the Darknet?

Yes, it is. Just like you can hire a hacker on the surface web (e.g., by using Fiverr), you can do that on the dark web too – but anonymously and without giving away your real identity!

The first step to hiring an anonymous hacker on the darknet is obviously finding them… Fortunately, this is not hard at all. Most hackers are looking for customers themselves, so if you have an account on any of the marketplaces where they advertise their services, you will definitely find them there. You just have to check regularly which ones are offering their hacking services – some of them even have search functionality.

Hacking communities on the Dark Web:

Some famous hacking communities on the Dark Web are enlisted below:

1) Alphabay – The largest and most professional hacker marketplace on the dark web. It doesn’t tolerate any kind of illegal activities, but if you want to hire a hitman or buy some data and hack some services – Go there!

2) The FUD forum – A black market for hacking powers. Even though it was hacked, the user database has been reset, so it’s safe to use again! To access it just follow this link: (but don’t log in unless you know how to hack things) Hack Forums – One of the oldest forums about hacking and cyber security on the internet. It provides tutorials & insights about technology news, not only related to hacking.

5) Supremacy – Another professional seller, but with a wide variety of hacking services and products. Very popular!

6) Black market UK – This is the biggest dark web market out there to buy drugs, weapons, medications, and medications for bitcoin. I recommend it if you want to try something different. Don’t forget that these black markets are only accessible through .onion links you have to find them on the deep web.

7) Dream Market – Probably one of the most known black markets out there due to its great reputation and longevity in business. I recommend using your common sense when purchasing things from these markets because they might be scams or traps set by law enforcement agencies, so be careful…

8)R2D – This black market is for more sensitive people that want to buy drugs and pharmaceuticals without leaving too many clues about their identity. It can be very useful if you just want to try new things, but use it with caution because the product quality isn’t guaranteed and might be dangerous sometimes.

9) Middle Earth – Another darknet market where you can purchase different kinds of products such as drugs, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and medical equipment. They usually change domain names very frequently so I won’t post any links here since they would stop working after a time…

10) The Majestic Garden – A small black market that sells all sorts of hacking services and tutorials related to social engineering, cyber security & penetration testing. You can also find information related to web application vulnerabilities and exploits.

11) Nucleus – Another small market with a good reputation, I recommend it if you want to buy credit cards and other payment services such as PayPal. They accept Perfect Money and Liberty Reserve as well.

12) Cannabis Road – One of the first black markets on the dark web that was designed for buying cannabis & marijuana seeds over the Tor network. It’s very reliable and has been denounced several times by media agencies but they keep working so… Use it at your own risk!

13) The French Connection – A hidden service mainly used by French users, it is more of an information site than a marketplace so there aren’t many products or sellers here. You can buy a lot of things here but you will have to look for them.

14) Mr. Nice Guy – A well-known seller, a little expensive but very serious and reliable. You can find a lot of hacking services and products here as well as the famous nukes exploit pack. I recommend it!

15) Alpha Bay Market – The largest darknet market I know that is still active today. There are many sellers with different kinds of services and products such as drugs, pharmaceuticals, chemicals & medical equipment. I suggest you use that one if you want to buy anything from this list!

16) Andromeda – A small market that I have been using lately it is mainly used for buying drugs but also has a wide variety of hacking services and products. Use with caution though because there aren’t many reviews about this site!

17) Point Marketplace – There are lots of good feedback about this darknet market, so you should give it a try if you want to buy something from it. They don’t seem to have any kind of illegal activities in the sale so take a look without worrying…

dark web Hackers

18) Outlaw Market – One of the biggest markets nowadays in terms of buyers & sellers in the deep web. I say they’re reliable because I’ve never read anything bad about them, people say they’re honest and trustworthy which is a good thing if you want to buy cyber security & hacking-related products.

19) Berlusconi Market – A small black market that is mainly used for buying drugs, pharmaceuticals, and other stuff sold by Italian people. It’s a very new market so there aren’t many reviews about it but from what I have been reading the feedback is positive!

20) Sheep Marketplace – Another big darknet market that has been outed several times by media agencies but keeps on working without any kind of problem… So don’t hesitate to give it a try if you want to buy something from here.

21) Abraxas Market – One of the latest markets appeared on the deep web, currently, they have 2750 active sellers since its beginning in 2014. The products are mainly drugs but also have a large variety of hacking services and products so go for it!

22) Diabolus Market – A small market with only 400 listings, including drugs & pharmaceuticals, digital products such as hacking tutorials, kiddos/fake ids, stolen Paypal accounts among other illegal activities. I wouldn’t buy anything from here since you never know what product or service is being sold inside…

23) Blue Sky Market – Another trusted deep web marketplace where you can find almost everything you need in terms of darknet markets. You will be able to buy all kinds of illegal things here like drugs & pharmaceuticals, stolen credit cards & payment methods both for online & physical stores, counterfeit goods… Here you can also sell your own products or services.

24) Berlusconi Market – Another small market that has been outed several times by media agencies but keeps on working without any kind of problem… So don’t hesitate to give it a try if you want to buy something from here. They don’t seem to have any kind of illegal activities in the sale so take a look without worrying…

25) Blue Sky Market – One of the biggest markets nowadays in terms of buyers & sellers on the deep web. I say they’re reliable because I’ve never read anything bad about them, people say they’re honest and trustworthy which is a good thing if you want to buy cybersecurity & hacking-related products.

26) Dream Market – A pretty trusted marketplace in which you can sell and buy different kinds of illegal things such as drugs, pharmaceuticals, chemicals & medical equipment/supplies among other crimes you can think about… I say it is reliable because they have been operating without any problems.

27) Outlaw Market – Another big darknet market that has been outed several times by media agencies but keeps on working without any kind of problem… So don’t hesitate to give it a try if you want to buy something from here. They don’t seem to have any kind of illegal activities in the sale so take a look without worrying…

The dark web Hackers – How to hire them from the deep web?

As we said earlier there are many people selling their hacking and cyber security services on the internet, whether it’s through forums, social media sites, or as we will see now: The dark web. It is a hidden network that uses specific software such as TOR to protect users’ anonymity and privacy while enabling them to reach content without passing through censorship filters installed by their local government/ISP. At first, the darknet was used for illegal activities but over time people realized how powerful and reliable it was and other kinds of activities began to appear (i.e. trading, blogging, and other lawful things). This way The deep web became very popular among hackers because this kind of environment provides all the resources they need to find customers around the world!

How can I hire them?

As clients you should take the following things into account:

1)Be aware that most probably you will find scammers and traps on those dark web forums who are selling their services, so be very careful when choosing the person to hire. How? Well if 6 out of 10 hackers are fakes then you should know that 60% of the information posted there is either wrong or misleading which makes black hat hacking & cyber security an easy task. To avoid this problem I recommend using only trusted references before hiring anyone, take it very seriously!

2)Your requirements must be very specific because they might sell you something else than what you want. If you don’t do this mistake there’s a big chance that you won’t get disappointed in the end. You can describe the problem you are facing and how you want them to solve it. Don’t forget to give detailed information about the project if they ask for it.

3)You must be really clear with your instructions, don’t expect them to find out everything by themselves. Write down every single step needed for hacking a certain service or system so that there’s no misunderstanding between both of you. Also, give them all the information they need because this is vital in their job! You can also explain what methods should be used but don’t go too deep into technical details unless they are experienced hackers since otherwise, it might get dangerous!

4)Be patient and attentive around the dark web hackers, some of them will surely try to fool you or waste your time. Don’t forget that you are the one giving orders and paying them for hacking, not the other way around!

5)Their services must be affordable if not they are probably scammers or maybe both. You should know that there are hackers who make a living out of selling their cyber security services on these forums so… Why would you pay more than what’s needed if someone is offering it for less? But there are also elite ones who can be very expensive because their level of knowledge about hacking is much higher than average hackers. Be aware of the value/price ratio, don’t overpay for shitty work!

dark web Hackers

6)Don’t trust everything written on those dark websites, some people might take advantage of your lack of knowledge about this cyber world.

7)Be patient and persistent, don’t give up after the first try or you might get scammed by them! Trust me when I say that hackers are very smart people so they will find a way to deceive you if they want to do it. Just keep in mind the following sentence: “Hackers are sexy”. They know how to sell themselves and make things look better than what they truly are. If it isn’t clear yet then let me put it this way: be careful with who you hire because everything is possible in this dark web jungle!

Who can hack?

Well, there’s no easy answer to this question but… There are some categories of hackers that could help us determine who can hack :

The white hats

They are the good guys, they try to make a living from hacking by providing their knowledge and skills for companies. They help identify the cyber risks and vulnerabilities of a company in order to fix them before a hacker can take advantage of it. In simple words: they hack for money!

The black hats/crackers

They are the bad guys who try to get money from their illegal activities which include stealing information, cracking services or systems, generating DDoS attacks, etc. They want money, lots of it! I think you already got an idea about how these people think 🙂

The grey hats/ hackers-for-hire

These type of hackers can be hired even when they don’t know what’s going on behind their backs which means that they’re the one who is hiring them. They can steal information, crack services and systems too but most of the time their actions are requested by another person or organization. Their work can be both legal and illegal depending on what type of service they provide for you so… Be really careful about adding them to your team!

The script kiddies

The most annoying people in this cyber world: “the less experienced hackers”. Yes, I’m talking about those guys who claim that they hacked leaded email inboxes just because they downloaded a script from GitHub. You must lead them like dogs because these kinds of people could easily ruin your company’s reputation even if you paid thousands of dollars to hire legit hackers.

If you are looking for help with hacking you probably need the white hats, black hats, or grey hats but… Due to their illegal nature of business, no one can be 100% sure of hiring them unless there’s a previous relationship between you and the hacker. Most of them will ask you to pay half of their fee before starting anything which must not be done by anyone who is serious about hiring hackers. They will report back if they succeed or fail, that’s why this step should never exist.

Is it legal to hire Dark Web Hackers?

Hundreds of companies and individuals hire hackers every day by offering them a certain percentage of their income as a fee. The legality depends on the country you live in but there’s no such thing as international law so… Let’s take the USA as an example: if you are looking to hire someone from Russia, for instance, this person could be charged with money laundering because US Dollars came out from illegal activities. This means that hacking services or products should not be encouraged by anyone who isn’t absolutely sure that they’re legal and that they respect the cyber laws of their country.

Don’t forget about those unlucky people who got caught while hiring elite dark web hackers. They will probably end up in jail next to other cybercriminals so… Be really careful!

How to hire an elite dark web hacker?

It’s easier than you think, just follow these steps:

1. Get in contact with legitimate hackers who can offer their services

2. Agree on the fee and other details

3. Make the payment

4. Choose a method for communicating

5. Fix a meeting place

6. Hire your elite dark web hackers!

At this point, you must think about how you will communicate with each other which is usually done by PGP encryption, Bitcoin transactions, or old-school emailing. The last thing that should happen before starting anything is fixating the location where the actual hacking process has to take place (meeting point). If you are looking to hire someone from the United States of America (USA)and you live in Singapore (SG), for example, your meeting point could be somewhere like the Pacific Ocean. At this point, we should talk about the actual contract and an upfront payment because without it nobody would even start thinking to help you with whatever you’re asking them to do… Let’s make a deal 🙂

What does it take to hire elite dark web hackers?

It takes money, knowledge, and time. If you succeeded in getting into contact with one of them then don’t expect that they will share their secrets with you just because you’re looking for help. This is helped by the fact that there are other people who ask the same things which means that these hackers tend to keep everything for themselves so… You need to prove your worth if you want to hire a hacker not only from the dark web but also in general.

What’s the worst thing that can happen?

There are two possible outcomes that might happen after you manage to get into contact with someone who is willing to help: 1. You will be scammed which means that either your money or anything else that was agreed upon will disappear just like it never appeared 2. Everything goes well and after doing their job they simply leave without saying a word, no news whatsoever which could make you assume that you were scammed but this isn’t always true because… Some hackers prefer going back home and starting over again without any links left behind them so… The best way in order to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of a scam is to read reviews about the hackers that you’re dealing with.

dark web Hackers

Why do I need or want to hire elite dark web hackers?

You might be looking for their help because you want to get into contact with your spouse who left you, you are trying to find a lost relative, an old friend or maybe they can gather some dirt on someone in case anything happens… As long as it has something to do with hacking then probably you will manage to get in touch with them if you are ready to accept whatever terms would be offered by people who are willing and able of helping… If this isn’t what happened then don’t blame anyone but yourself.

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