How to hack a social media account

How to hire a hacker on dark web

If you have lost your social media account password and looking for a way to get inside your social media account, you can do it using the “lost password” tool. However, If you can not use that option or want to hack someone else’s account, you might need to hire professional hackers for social media.

How to hack Social Media accounts in Simple steps

Now you need to keep in mind that these Professional Hackers for Hire are extremely rare to find and might not be available on the internet with a website and services section showcasing their skillset for ethical and unethical hacking techniques. You also need to be careful of scammers posing as hackers on the internet asking you to contact them on their email. Most of the internet right now is filled with scammers these days.

So where could you find Legit Hackers for hire?

You need to understand that you would not be able to find expert whitehat and blackhat hackers on the “normal” internet. You need to take a trip to the deep web. You would find Blackhat Hackers for Hire best suited for your requirements. You can also use the services for these hackers for corporate email accounts, database Hacking, database manipulation and other essential services which you would not find on the normal internet.

And How do I access Dark web?

Unlike normal internet, where you can access the internet through a browser like Chrome or Mozilla Firefox because the websites of dark web can not be opened on these browsers. You will need a special browser that would give you access to the Dark web and you can open websites related specifically to Dark Web.

A Small Introduction to TOR

In order to hire Hackers for social media, corporate mail, espionage, and database hacking through darkweb, you need to download TOR browser on your desktop or mobile. This is a free browser that lets you access dark web websites anonymously if you download and install it on your device.  You can watch this video on how to install TOR on your desktop, which would give you a fair idea on how easy it is to install TOR

For more info you can also read our previous Article on how to hire Dark web Hackers. It would give you all the info on how to pay hackers, how to hire reliable hackers and how you can avoid getting scammed from scammers posing as hackers.

Dont trust everyone on dark Web specially people approachig you claiming as professional hackers

Once you are on dark web, its a wild wild west of the internet. Don’t trust anyone, there will be a lot of ads and people you will meet on dark web who will claim that they can Hack the instagram account for you or Hack the facebook account for you but most of these people are Fake, posing as Legit Hackers on Dark web. The only Legit and reputable hackers for hire on Dark web are these 2 websites.




They have completed thousands of projects with massive success rates. All you need to do is to copy the link from here, paste it on TOR browser and Voila! You will be on the website, where you can select the work which relates to your requirements, make the payment and get the work done as per the service level agreement. It’s that simple.

Make sure that you make the payment in Bitcoins so that your identity is hidden and no one can simply trace the payment back to you. Stay safe and come back here to let me know how did it go.

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