How to access Dark Web on Android phone?

How to access Dark web on android

Today we are going to explain step by step how to use TOR on Android to enter the Dark Web, which is also often wrongly classified as Deep Web. We are going to do it through the Tor Browser for Android application that has been launched and made available for use to everyone.

Tor allows web pages to protect their anonymity and have access to dark web links mobile by configuring a server to connect to clients on a Tor relay in between. The server does not need to supply the IP address, neither does the user require it. Instead, it uses an onion address, which is a 16-character code that clients enter instead of a traditional URL to access dark web links mobile.

Hidden pages on the Tor network comprise one of the most famous dark networks, which are those that can only be accessed through specific protocols. A phrase like “darknet conjures up shady business images and not without reason”. Some of the hidden sites were trafficking illegal goods and services, such as the Silk Road, a popular dark web market network closed by the FBI in 2013.

The Dark Web or the deep Internet is made up of several Darknets, and the one we are going to use is TOR, possibly one of the most popular. It is the domain of .onion domains that we cannot access with a conventional browser. Therefore, we will explain step by step how to do it with this one, using your android.

Enter the Dark Web on Android

Hire a hacker

The first thing you have to do is go to the Tor Browser for Android profile within Google Play Store. Once in it, click on the Install button to download and install the application on your mobile. Once finished, click on the Open button to run the application or press its icon in the application drawer of your mobile.

The first thing the app will tell you when you first open it is that you need to download another app called Orbot Proxy with Tor, which is also on Google Play. This application is the one that the beta version of Tor Browser needs to connect to a truly private Internet connection, although in the definitive version of Tor, this step will not be necessary. However, it is necessary, so download it too to be on the safer end.

Once the two applications are downloaded, first we will open Orbot Proxy with Tor. When you do, you just have to press the Start button that you will have in the center of the screen with a drawing of an onion. You also have the option to activate the VPN mode to hide your location.

After a few seconds connecting, the application will establish a secure connection. You will be able to know that it has done it when you see that the onion icon turns green and the message that it puts up is Stop, and also when you see information about the data traffic that it is filtering in your notification panel.

Once you connect to a secure network with Orbot Proxy you can open Tor Browser on your mobile. First you will see a small introduction, but when it is finished you can start typing web addresses in the address bar as you would with any other browser.

The difference is that now you can access .onion pages belonging to the TOR network, which in turn is one of the most popular on the Dark Web. Therefore, you already have access to the Dark Web, and you only have to write the address of one of the many .onion pages that you can access. You can also choose to search The Hidden Wiki, which is a kind of index of Dark Web pages that is also accessible from the conventional Internet. you can do many things on dark web like be anonymous to the world and seek the truth, investigate conspiracy theories or Hire a hacker on the dark web.

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