How Do Hackers Hack Smartphones

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Hackers hack smartphones, yes it’s so true. Hackers hack many devices and smartphones are out of them. We carry our mobile phones with us everywhere, which store the personal information of their owners. If this data falls into smartphone hackers, it could be disastrous for us. Hackers and scammers are known to use phishing to steal personal information. They may use this data, including usernames, passwords, social security numbers, PINs, and bank account information, to steal identity, steal money, blackmail, scam, and more.

Smartphone hackers have come up with unique ways to monitor mobile phones. They often use vulnerabilities in the phone’s operating system to hack it. However, quite often they use social engineering to trick unsuspecting people into downloading malicious software into their mobile phones. Here are three popular ways through which hackers can break into your phone without your knowledge:

Through the texts/sms

hacking mobile through texts

Hacking a mobile phone via SMS/text is a popular method used by hackers and scammers. The source of the SMS can be legitimate or known. The message might appear to be from a bank, government agency, or someone you know and contains a link to a website that downloads malicious software to your device. The wording of the SMS can trick the device user into opening the link in the message. The URL prompts the user to download a Trojan horse or other malicious software. Hence, a hacker can gain access to data on the device. In some cases, your phone can be hacked even if you didn’t open the message. 

The SMS may also contain a phone number that you can call back. In this case, the scammers are very intelligently looking at your credit card information. This method is also known as SMS phishing or scam. SMS phishing works the same way as email phishing. In this case, the scammers are very intelligently looking at your credit card information. 

Via public Wi-Fi

Hacking phones through wifi

Public Wi-Fi networks are often not secure. They can be used by smartphone hackers to hack your phone, monitor your data, and carry out attacks on your device. When you connect to Wi-Fi, the router records the MAC address and IP address of your mobile phone. In a Wi-Fi network, data is transmitted using data packets. A hacker can use public Wi-Fi to do the following:

Man-in-the-middle attack: A hacker inserts himself between a server and a client, breaks the connection between the client and server, and monitors the interaction.

Packet Detection: Hacking software that monitors the data packets transmitted between the mobile device and the server. Thus, if you enter usernames and passwords while connecting to a public Wi-Fi network, a hacker can view it.

With the help of a spy program for a smartphone

smartphone spyware

The popular spyware Xnspy is used to steal information from mobile phones and tablets. You can install the app on your iPhone or Android phone and monitor your phone remotely. Although the app is for parental and co-worker monitoring, a hacker can install the app to spy on your phone. The app monitors activity and records data and uploads it to a private server.

How to know you are being spied: If a spy is installed on your device, you may notice that the geolocation periodically turns on when you don’t need it at all. If suddenly the interface of the entire device or of a particular application begins to behave inappropriately, perhaps a tapjacking attack is taking place.

Programs are being installed without your knowledge, perhaps an application has gained administrative access. A spontaneously lighting up screen is also an example of inappropriate activity (not necessarily malicious, but it is worth being vigilant). For example: a user downloads an application from the market and opens it; as a result, another application, malicious, is installed. When you press any button on an innocent application, in fact, the buttons are pressed on the malicious application that is hidden inside it.

Other complicated methods

Most of the other methods to hack smartphones remotely are complex and require a higher skill level to accomplish the task. Most of these skilled smartphone hackers are available on The Dark Web. However, there are many posers too who are posing as hackers just to scam people.

You can find some Legit hackers for hire by going through a consolidated Dark Web Links list. you can also just visit the homepage of this website and copy the link and paste it on a TOR Browser to hire a hacker for the smartphones.

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