5 things that You can Hire a Hacker to Do

Everyone knows you can hire Hackers on Dark web, There are a lot of onion websites available on the darknet which provide these kinds of services. However, before venturing out in the Dark web trying to find Legit hackers for hire, you should know what kind of services they provide. Here is a list of all the services that dark web hackers for hire provide-

1. DDOS (Distributed Denial Of Service) Attack

When you want a website or a server to shut down temporarily, you can hire a hacker to arrange a denial of service attack on the said server. It will overload the server capacity to handle the requests and shut down the whole system.

2. Hacking Social Media Accounts

This is a simple one. Whether you forgot and lost your Social Mediabook account password or you know someone who wants access to their Social Media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. You can very well hire a hacker to do so. All you need to give the info related to the specific account and they usually get back with a positive answer within a couple of days.

3. Monitoring Cell Phones

These days everyone uses smartphones and usually, phone’s security is top-notch, however, there are still some android and iPhone exploits available that can be manipulated to hack and monitor all the data and call details of the phone. This service is being used by many corporates and companies to keep an eye on their employees. Just remember one thing, this service is not exactly legal so use this service at your own risk.

4. Hack corporate Email

In today’s competitive world the main strength of a successful company is to keep tabs on their competitors, however, this tactic sometimes involves things that are not exactly legal. You can visit the dark web and hire a few Hackers for hire who can hack the whole server for the company email and data. This service does take time but a sure shot way to understand your business competitors.

5. Hacking Online Bank account

Well this is the most sophisticated form of the hacking campaign which is available on the dark web and very few meticulously trained hackers are able to execute it. You would rarely get anyone who is capable enough to pull this off, not to mention the risk involved. This service is usually very expensive depending on the amount you are targeting. 

Again all the services mentioned here are extremely volatile in nature and borderline illegal so you must proceed with extreme caution with any of the services. You can, however, visit the main page of this website here and choose from the 2 dark web website mentioned there. Make sure you know how to access the dark web and how bitcoin works so that you can make payments on the dark web anonymously.

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